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Trafford wins RFID innovation award

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council has won the BIC/CILIP RFID in Libraries Innovation Award 2010 for their implementation of RFID across the council. The award will be formally presented at the RFID in Libraries Conference on 9 November 2010. They were awarded the title for ‘extending RFID beyond the ‘front of shop’ and understanding how RFID-enabled items can transform back-office operations to the advantage of the Council.’

The concept for the award-winning innovation came from Trafford realising great potential in back-office saving by having shelf-ready books upon delivery. Trafford worked closely with Talis Additions Partner Intellident and the Talis team to develop the smartTunnel™ product. Enabling the tight integration between the LMS and the smart tunnel is Talis Bridge Pro.

How it works

Upon receipt of a shipment, the box of books is placed in the smartTunnel, and within a few seconds the LMS is updated with the contents. These books are then shelf-ready or can be despatched to another destination across the library service. Any incomplete delivery is identified immediately.

The new technology helps the home library service run by Trafford Libraries. It enables bulk loaning to those that cannot make it to a library or that require large orders (such as residential homes). It also helps with inter-library exchanges with boxes of items being swapped between libraries without the need to scan individual items. Additionally it will receipt stock in to stock, and authorise payment.

Congratulations to Trafford Libraries for their recognition of the work they have been doing over the last couple of years.