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The future of Talis Bridge

It’s always valuable to have an opportunity to get feedback from customers, and recently we had a perfect chance to do just that, at our first set of Talis Bridge events. The two days focused on academic and public libraries and the interesting and engaging discussions led us from the history of SIP2 right to where we see future developments of Talis Bridge going.

As well as reviewing the features of both Talis Bridge Lite and Pro, it was extremely useful to hear how our customers think Talis Bridge Pro should develop over the coming months. We had a whole host of ideas based on a number of themes including a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make configuration and reporting easier, stock management, streamlining the acquisitions and receipting process and customisation of borrower messages. The team will be taking all the ideas from the Bridge events and using these to help formulate the development roadmap over the next few weeks. If you’d like to contribute to these ideas then please leave a comment on the blog.

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