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Prism Domain Name Transition

I’m pleased to announce that your Prism tenancies are now accessible on the new domain name:, in addition to

Why a new domain name?

Following the acquisition of Talis by Capita in 2011 and further to recent communications, the Prism domain name is changing to  We plan to run the two domain names in parallel over the next eight months to allow plenty of time to complete the changes described below.

If you have your own domain name for Prism, that name will not change and there is no impact on it.

Going forward, to preview new releases of Prism please use the URL:  This will be reiterated when the release preview is announced.

Transition Plan

The two domain names will run in parallel over the next eight months.

In May, with the next release of Prism the old domain name will become a silent redirect to the new domain.

In July, the release of Prism will contain a ‘noisy’ redirect – a page will be displayed for a few seconds telling the user they are being redirected and that they should update their bookmarks and any other saved links and rss feeds, and then it will automatically redirect to the new URL.

The redirect will become progressively noisier throughout the year to encourage users to update their bookmarks.

We recommend that you fully complete your switch over to the new domain before the end of December 2013, in order to ensure that you are not impacted when the domain is no longer available.

What do you need to do?

You should begin now to change any places where the old domain name is used, replacing it with You should also prepare your communication with your library users about the change.

Starting now, you should identify any places where your library provides links into Prism, and change the domain name in the link URL from to When you add a new Prism link anywhere from now on you should use the new domain name

The places where you may have links that need to change include:

  • Prism home page, footer, and other pages
  • Library website pages, including subject resource lists
  • Reading list system
  • Student portal
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • RSS feed readers
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Video sites such as Youtube
  • Applications built using the Prism Linked Data API

Types of links that need to be changed include:

  • The Prism search box widget
  • Links to the catalogue and the login page
  • Prepared searches
  • Links to specific items
  • RSS feed reads

Changing your links now will mean that they will not be affected by the redirects or the eventual withdrawal of the old domain name.

You should also check your Prism extensions to ensure they work on both old and new URLs. Google Maps will need a new key to work on your new Prism URL. To enable Google Maps to work on both old and new URLs you will need a modification to the Prism extension to detect the URL and use the appropriate key. See the Google documentation on Obtaining an API Key.

Other extensions that use third party services may have similar issues. If you would like assistance in modifying extensions to work with the new domain name, or if you use  ‘In-Page Analytics’ in Google Analytics, please open a support case.

On your OPAC terminals in the library if external access is restricted then you may find that the new domain is blocked, so you may need to get changes made to allow the new domain.

If you have any questions or issues about the Prism domain name transition, please contact your account manager or open a support case.



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