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Prism Domain Name Migration – Updating Links

As part of the migration away from all links contained within the Prism theme or on external websites linking through to Prism tenancies need to be updated to point to

We have recently identified that there are several different places where the address continues to be used:

  • Juice extensions
  • External web sites such as council or University homepages
  • Prism 3 themes in headerlinks or prepared searches
  • Monitoring tools

If links are being amended from within the Prism theme then they should use relative URLs – this allows the theme to be copied between the live and sandbox tenancies without the need to update any of the links.  Shown below are examples of both absolute and relative URLs.

Absolute URL (please refrain from using)
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”” /></a>

Relative URL
<a href=”items/158168?query=hobbit&resultsUri=items%3Fquery%3Dhobbit”><img src=”items/158168/image-small” alt=”” /></a>

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