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Prism release to preview 16th December 2021

We’re pleased to announce that the next release of Prism is now available for preview. This release includes the item below:

Changes to the Overdrive eBooks integration

Within Prism we have an integration with Overdrive eBooks (including eAudio) that allows users to borrow or reserve these items and see their downloads account directly within Prism.

Overdrive have introduced a change to their software that enables the end user to choose the format of the item they wish to read from the Overdrive interface after they have borrowed it, as follows:

1.When a full record is displayed in Prism and the user is authenticated, a ‘Borrow’ button is displayed:

2.Clicking this opens the Overdrive interface where the user can select their preferred format:

As before the loan appears in My Account> eContent and users can access it as many times as they wish during the period of the loan, choosing the format each time they access it.

Reservations are unaffected by the change. Users can also continue to return their loans from the Overdrive library as before.

This requires a Connect for OverDrive licence. Please contact Sales  ( if you would like more information about this.

Release Procedure

Making the most of your preview

Please review the preview version as early as possible, to familiarise yourself with the new functionality and to check the existing functionality (including other eContent providers), extensions and styling still work as expected.

It is necessary to use the{your tenancy name} URL to preview a release, even if you have your own host name for the live service.

Release to the live service

Prism will be released to live service on Thursday 6th January 2022.

Comments and contact

Please get in touch if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. You can comment here on the Prism blog or contact our support team directly. Please visit the Prism Ideas Forum to suggest and discuss additional features.

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