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Watch the Alto 5.5 webinar video

You can watch a recording of one of our recent Alto 5.5 webinars below or by downloading the video. (1hr 18mins)

Highlights are:

  • An overview of the new architecture
  • A walk through of the new borrower notifications functionality
  • Changes to Alto
  • Changes to Prism

We’ve updated the Borrower Notifications: Getting Started Guide

Updated versions of the Borrower Notifications: Getting Started Guides (for Cygwin, and Solaris and Linux) can be found on the MySupport Portal or on our web site. These contain an expanded troubleshooting section and the first in a series of FAQs.




Alto 5.5 and Alto 5.5.1 updates available

Several customers have reported that since loading Alto 5.5 or Alto 5.5.1 they have experienced problems when Alto PCs lose their connection to the network. To address this we have worked with four customers to make changes to the Alto client which, combined with a new Sybase OLE DB driver, have improved the way network disconnection is handled. The most obvious change is that a network connectivity indicator is now displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen in Alto. This is green when the network connection is available and red when it is not.

We are now making the latest Alto client software and Sybase driver generally available. Customers experiencing this issue should follow the appropriate upgrade notice, available on the MySupportPortaland on our web site at (under the Alto 5.5 and Alto 5.5.1 headings).