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Alto 4.3 – End-of-Service-Life

We would like to remind you that Alto 4.3 has now been end-of-lifed. This means that Alto 4.3 is now no longer supported. Any upgrade that has been scheduled will continue to be supported until the work is completed. Those customers still using this version are encouraged to schedule their upgrade to 5.0 or straight to 5.1 now by emailing

Ideas Forum for Alto

We now have 32 customers registered, and a few new ideas have been raised this month. We will be focussing on priorities determined by customers in Ideas for part of each Alto release from now on, so we would encourage you to use this opportunity to let us know what developments are most important to you. We are particularly interested to find out which aspects of Reservations you would most like to see changed in Alto 5.3. You can use Ideas to raise completely new issues, or to let us know which of the existing PERs and Defects you would most like us to work on. See the previous Alto blog for more details on how to access and use Ideas for Alto.