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Talis Library Ideas for Talis Alto

Ideas36The Talis Library Ideas forum for Talis Alto is now live. There are links to it here. We recorded the launch webinar and (provided the audio is OK) we would hope to publish it in a future post.

As I described in my last post, this largely (but not wholly) supplants the existing PERs and Defects process. These have not been migrated en-masse to the Talis Ideas forum, but have instead been made available as read-only lists.

A number of interesting and useful suggestions were made at the launch webinar. Several folk suggested that we look for ways to tie Talis Ideas in with Talis Solutions: there is now a meeting in the diary to look at how we might do this. The majority of folk wanted internally-raised defects to be published monthly consolidated with old PERS and Defects and we will look to action that unless/until we understand that the majority would like to play it differently.

I do hope that we all find this new system helpful in honing Talis Alto

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  1. Lucy Pearson Says:

    If you are able to tie Talis Ideas into Talis Solutions that would be great. Even better would be to also have the links to the PERS and Defects lists either in Solutions also or from within Alto Forum itself. This would certainly help to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for information when searching for solutions to problems, instead of having to go between Solutions and the Alto pages to find out if what your experiencing is already a known defect or an enhancement request.

  2. John Hardy Says:

    Many thanks Lucy

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