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Investigating possible inclusions for Alto 5.3 – Reservations

As you will have seen from the roadmap, Alto 5.3 will include some development on Reservations. Last week we held a webinar with 25 customers to discuss which aspects of Reservations we might include. We looked at the most popular remaining issues that were raised at the last Reservations workshop, and asked the customers to vote on which of them is now their top priority, or to tell us about anything that is now more important to them.

The recording of the webinar is now available for everyone to view at

The results of the voting from the webinar attendees were as follows (adjusted to give one overall vote per institution):

Option number 


Description Votes


Ability to cancel a reservation in more places 2.25 



Disallow reservation of not on loan copies at the borrowers home site or collection site 4.83 



Make it easier to access borrower details when dealing with reservations



Real-time addition of new items to existing reservations 3.08 



Allow reservation of particular copy/copies 2.25 



Make messages consistent when satisfying via discharge and via reservation 0.33 



Make it easier to identify in stock/on order copies in bib search results



Improve Item Request – supply item



Allow reservation of on-order copies




Clear the recall flag when a reservation has been satisfied 0.25 




None of the above


Please let us know what your top priority would be. You can also raise issues via Alto Ideas, so other customers can vote and influence our development decisions.

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