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BDS records for video games and Welsh resources

We’re pleased to announce that a new dataset from BDS has been added to Base containing MARC records for video games, and that the BDS Welsh dataset has been greatly expanded.


Video games

BDS records for video games are now available in a new dataset in Base.

The cataloguing broadly conforms to AACR2, not RDA. The records include extensive descriptions and PEGI ratings, and they contain the elements needed by Prism to accurately identify format and content information. Many of them will have cover images when displayed in Prism.

The video games records are available to all Capita library customers. The name of the dataset is BDSGamM21. It is included in BDSAllM21, so you may have seen and used some of the records already.You can configure access to BDSGamM21 in Alto Configuration Setup under the Target/Attributes tab. The simplest way to do it is to copy an existing Base target and fill in the Name, the Sort code, and the Description, and change the database name part of the Connection.


Welsh resources

The BDS Welsh database has been refreshed with the inclusion of  large number of records from the National Library of Wales. There are now 418,247 records in the dataset.

The scope of the dataset is material with a Welsh focus, either as the subject, the place of publication or the language in which it is written.

The name of the database is BDSWelshM21. It is not included in the BDS All dataset collection.


Both BDSGamM21 and BDSWelshM21 are updated regularly. If you have any problems with configuring or using them, please raise a support case.

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  1. Jane Daniels Says:


    You can also download records direct from the National Library of Wales from within Alto.

    This is particularly useful for retrospective cataloguing projects.

    Cardiff Met Uninn1

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