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Watch the latest Soprano Development Update webinar

If you were unable to attend the Soprano Development Update webinar on Thursday 30th July or would like to review what we covered then you can catch up on latest developments by watching the recording of the webinar below or by downloading the video.

Highlights include:

  • Change site of operator
  • Exception alerts & streamlining in Return Items & Issue Items
  • Transit returned items
  • Add & edit borrower messages
  • Local Data Services: audit information & security improvements
  • Acquisitions development starting

There are a couple of points in particular where we’d like feedback. Please email Terry Willan or contact us through your Account Manager.

Environment Variable TAL_REISSUE_FINE=. If you don’t have this set, or if it is set to NO, then we’d like to hear from you. It means that when an item is found to be already on loan during issue to another borrower and the system sets the previous loan to returned then any fines on it are not applied to the previous borrower’s account. In Soprano we propose to make it behave as though this is always set to YES, and allow the operator to make adjustments such as waiving, if enabled.

Acquisitions development. We’d like to hear from appropriate staff in your library if you’re interested in advising us and being an early adopter of acquisitions features in Soprano. What are the main ways in which you’d like Soprano to do better than Alto?