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Watch the latest Soprano Development Update webinar

If you were unable to attend the Soprano Development Update webinar on Wednesday 18th January or would like to review what we covered then you can catch up on the latest developments by watching the video of the webinar, below, or by downloading it.

The webinar covers:

  • Demonstration of recent features, including aspects of:
    • Circulation
      • Manage reservation shelf — Pick reserved items improvements — Filters on Borrower ILL Requests and Reservations — Borrower Add a charge — Borrower Notifications — Resources search improvements — Item Query
    • Inter-library loans
      • Manage ILL Requests — Process unverified requests
    • Purchasing
      • Create Invoice/Credit note
  • In development, coming soon:
    • Renew with seen/unseen, manual due date, etc
    • Circulation exception handling

Since the webinar ran out of time, we’ve made a follow-up video, further below, to give you a more complete view of the circulation exception handling features that are coming soon.


Circulation exception handling video. Please note: a more up-to-date remake of this video is available in the release notice for the March 2017 preview release of Soprano.