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Soprano release preview 23-Nov-17 supplement

This post supplements the release notice of 23rd November to tell you about more features that are included in the version of Soprano that is currently available in preview.

Deferred reservation. The Reserve a Work page now includes the option to set an Effective date (the date on which the reservation will become Active). An ‘Effective’ off/on toggle at the top of the Reserve a Work page allows you to switch on the option and set a deferred effective date. This requires a recent LDS version – if you do not see it, please request an LDS upgrade.

Reservation rules. With this release Soprano uses newer web services in the LDS, which use your configured Circulation > Reservation rules rather than OPAC > Borrower Reservations.

Order Summary changes. The Order Summary now includes Order Method and Price per Copy, and no longer shows Priority. When the priority is one of the two highest then it is displayed in a label at the top of the header.

The Release Procedure described in the release notice of 23rd November continues to apply, giving details of how to access the preview and when the new version will be released to the live service.

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