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Soprano release to preview 10th June 2021

We’re pleased to announce that the next release of Soprano is available for preview.

This release includes the following:

  • Inter Library Loans
    • Notifications sent in relation to an ILL request
  •  General
    • Accessing the new Soprano URL with the Soprano wrapper
    • The privacy statement has been updated

Please note: Starting from the w/b 14th June to support the remaining work to amend the URLs,  we will be using additional maintenance windows every weekday between 6 and 8am from Mondays to Thursdays inclusive. This will last for the next four weeks. There is a small possibility that there could be an impact on the live system but if we find this is the case we will back out the changes prior to 8am.

Inter Library Loans

Notifications sent in relation to an ILL request

When an ILL request is displayed, a new notifications tab will appear. Clicking on this tab will show a list of any notifications that have been sent in relation to this ILL request. This functionality requires LDS 2.9.20. In the near future we plan to release the functionality that will enable you to double click on a row to see more details.


Accessing the new Soprano URL with the Soprano wrapper

The Soprano wrapper allows Soprano to interact with other devices such as RFID readers, smartcard readers and till drawers, which cannot be operated by running Soprano in an ordinary web browser.

The two main changes introduced with this version of the wrapper are:

  • It allows you to specify the full URL to your Soprano tenancy so that it will work with any of the URLs below. The previous version always uses the root URL:

{your tenancy name}

{your tenancy name}

{your tenancy name}

  • It is installed into a new location on the PC – C:\Program Files (x86)\ESS\Soprano or C:\Program Files\ESS\Soprano

The Soprano wrapper release notice (containing the details of the change) and download can be found here.

We advise installing the new wrapper on one or two PCs only and testing it with the new demo URL. When the new URL has been released to the live environment we will advise you and this will be the time to roll out the new version of the wrapper.

The privacy statement has been updated

In the Soprano footer the link to the privacy statement now opens in a new window to show the updated details.

Release Procedure

To preview this release

You can preview this release by inserting ‘-demo’ into your tenancy URL after the word ‘soprano’:{your tenancy name} or{your tenancy name}. Please remember that it accesses your live data.

Release to the live service

This version of Soprano is expected to be released to the live service on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.

If you need an LDS upgrade

Your current LDS version number is displayed in the footer of Soprano pages. If you require an upgrade to LDS 2.9.20 mentioned for the above feature, please raise a support case through the customer support portal.

Comments and contact

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please get in touch. You can comment here on the Soprano blog or contact our support team directly.  To suggest and discuss additional features please visit the Soprano Ideas Forum.

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