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Logos and Graphics

Most Decisions reports are working documents: the content is the thing and default layout etc is good enough. Occasionally though the need arises to add branding to a report. One of the useful tricks up the report designer’s sleeve is the facility to add graphics to a report. Here is an example where the Capita logo has been added to the report header

Logo 1

There are two ways of achieving this. If the graphic is available over the web, the easiest way is:

  • Find the graphic you want to use, right click it, select “Properties” and note the URL, height and width
  • Add a blank text box to the report header (or wherever else you would like to see the graphic)
  • Put the URL of the graphic into the text box
  • Select the new empty cell and in cell properties set the height and width to match the graphic and set Read cell content as to Image URL

Logo Properties  Logo 3

In a later post I’ll cover the other way of adding a logo