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Web Intelligence issue

SAP have announced this morning that a Java Runtime certificate expired on Sunday 8th September.  This will impact all library staff using a Decisions Web Intelligence license.

On accessing Web Intelligence you may be presented with a warning message prior to running Decisions reports.  On acknowledging this message, you should be able to continue to access your reports.  If you have any problems with accessing your reports, on acknowledging this message, please raise a case or contact us directly.

Over the forthcoming days SAP will send us a software patch that needs to be applied to your Decisions server.  Once received, Consultancy will send out information on the steps required to apply the software.  For our Assist Managed Customers we will complete this work on your behalf.

If you have any queries please contact Support.

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  1. John Usher Says:

    I note much traffic on lis-capita-libraries on Decisions – also SQL, and to a lesser extent scripts. Soprano is developing MIS capabilities. Perhaps this Blog could cover a wider range of ‘Business Intelligence’ issues?

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