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5.9E1 Decisions Universes available

We are pleased to announce that there are updated 5.9 Decisions universes available.

You will find the release notice (Decisions_59E1_release notice v1.2.pdf), and download (Decisions Universes (LMS_5.9E1_Universes-sip.exe) on the MySupport portal.

The main changes in this release are below. Please see the release notice for more details.

  • New objects in the Circulation universe for Borrower edit operator, Ad hoc template name and Message create operator and Message create date
  • A new object in the Borrower notifications universe, Ad hoc template names
  • Update to the ‘Number of ad hoc communications’ object in the following universes: Circulation, Borrower notifications, Inter-library loans, Orders and Subscriptions

If you have any questions do get in touch with the Support team.