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More on Google Analytics

I have blogged before on Google Analytics, but for anyone who still finds it a bit of a mystery, here are some links which explain it further:

  • A video by Karen Reece (available from the Talis Prism 3 site web site) explaining how Google Analytics works with Talis products. A good introduction
  • The Google Analytics blog is geared towards commercial operations (such as e-commerce) but with a little imagination the same principles can be adapted to libraries. You may not be interested in which shirt you are selling most of, but the popular titles on your home page getting the most clicks are surely of interest to acquisitions staff. Here for example is one of Google’s recent innovations – click frequency overlaid on a view of your site (this is the Juice site but the same approach works with Talis Prism 3, Aspire etc.).
  • There is a very good item in the Prism 3 blog
  • And another video on the Talis Aspire website.

I trust that these are useful. As the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications grows, tools like Google Analytics become an increasingly important adjunct to more traditional reporting of transactions.

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