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Prism 3 data in Decisions?

Sample ChartOne of the items on the Decisions roadmap is to make a selected subset of Prism 3 usage data available in a Decisions Universe. Here is an example that displays Prism 3 visits alongside Loan data on the same chart (click the picture to see a larger version)



Google Analytics LocationVery extensive usage data is already available to all Prism 3 customers via Google Analytics: clearly there is little merit in attempting to reproduce all of that, but it may be helpful to have a few key metrics duplicated in Decisions. This may be useful when (as above) you want to display Prism usage alongside other library data (such as loan counts) on a single chart. It may also be useful for assembling routine reports such as month- or year-end where different aspects of library activity are consolidated into a single multi-tabular report.



surveyWe would like to ask your help in understanding what Prism metrics (if any) you would find most useful in Decisions. We ran a webinar some weeks ago asking this question and a number of folk attended and kindly gave us feedback.

We would now like to throw the question open to everyone on the list. There is a one-page survey at: – it will be open until 6th March.



We would be most grateful if you would spare a few minutes and take a look. If you don’t think it is a feature that you would use, that’s valid too; please email  directly or put something in the “notes” section of the survey.

Many thanks

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